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A4 Paper Making Machines

A4 Paper Making Machines have the advantages of using papermaking raw materials, reducing papermaking process materials and energy consumption, reducing environmental pollution.

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The A4 Paper Making Machines are mainly composed of back roll department, garden net department, pressing department, drying department, calender department, coiling department, foundation department, mechanical transmission and electrical control, etc.

It has the advantages of using paper-making raw materials, reducing paper-making process materials and energy consumption, reducing environmental pollution.

This A4 Paper Making Machines have the functions of the frequency converter timing device,auto-matic counting,stop working by alarm magnetic powder tension control,can be cutted vertically,adopt blower to get rid of waste.

According to the practice, our company specially designs and adpots to small paper mill and family workshop to produce low, medium and high grade paper machine. In recent years, it achieves very ideal social benefits and is warmly welcomed for its low investment.


Raw material (paper) - raw material crushing, coarse grinding, cooking and heating, double disk pulping machine, vibrating screen, pulp, pulp pump, rinse well and bleaching, centrifugal screen, mixer, slurry pump, paper making, paper cutter, host packaging - sales

I. Main structure

1. Wire part

2. Press part

3. Dryer part

4 sets of

5 Calendaring part

6 Winding part

7 Rewinding part

II. Main equipment list

No. Item & Description

1 printing paper making machine

2.Dryer hood


4.  vacuum pump

5.Suction box

6.Frequency conversion controlling cabinet

7 .rolls calendars

8.Horizontal pneumatic winding machine

9.boiler (burning gas)

10. hydra-pulper

11.vibration screen

12. bleacher

13.double-disc pulp refiner


15. Pressure screen for wire part

16.sand remover

17.Pulp pump

18.Electric operation cabinet

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