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Paper Machine Structure
- Nov 20, 2018 -


It consists of a headbox, a chest roll, a forming wire, a suction box and a roller. The headbox pulper uniformly sprays the slurry sent from the flow system to the forming wire, and the pulp speed and the wire speed should match. Controlling pulp speed and speed is the main factor in the choice of headbox type.


The formed wet paper sheet is further dehydrated in a pressurized manner. It consists of two rolls of hard and soft rolls, such as stone rolls and rubber rolls, which are combined to form a set of presses. The press section consists of a press pack of the same or different form, which also customarily includes a vacuum pipetting device.

Drying department

A plurality of drying cylinders are driven by a gear or by a felt, and a plurality of drying cylinders constitute a drying section. The linear speeds of the drying cylinders of each group can be adjusted separately to maintain a slight difference in speed between the drying cylinders of each group to compensate for the shrinkage of the sheet during the drying process. The dryness of the sheet in the dryer section is generally about 92 to 94%.

Surface finishing

Use multiple processes to achieve good surface quality. Most of the paper is calendered by a mechanical calender after the paper machine to make the paper surface flat. The mechanical calender is made up of several cold cast iron rolls that flatten the paper surface with the weight of each roll or another pressurization.