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Paper Machine History
- Nov 20, 2018 -

In 1798, the Frenchman N.L. Rober first proposed the idea of a paper machine and obtained the government's patent, but he did not make a machine. After the British S.&H. Fordini brothers purchased the patent, they were handed over to B. Tang Jin to improve the design and trial production. In 1803, the first long-web paper machine capable of papermaking was successfully produced. Called the Ford Rainier paper machine. The reticulated former was invented by British J. Dickinson in 1809. In 1820, T.B. Clapton first heated the iron plate cylinder with fire until Jackson invented a steam heating dryer that used a siphon to remove condensate in 1872. In 1828, Hing Ding invented the pressure roller. In 1863, the Holyoke paper mill invented the five-roll supercalender. It took nearly a hundred years to gradually improve the models of the rotary screen and long net paper machine. All modern paper machines are basically in the category of these two models.