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Pump type
- Nov 20, 2018 -

Water and type

The promotion of water is very important for human life and production. In ancient times, there were various water-lifting devices, such as the chain pump of Egypt (17th century BC), the orange scorpion of China (17th century BC), the 辘轳 (11th century BC) and the waterwheel (1st century AD). More famous is the third century BC, Archimedes invented the auger, which can smoothly and continuously lift the water to a few meters high, the principle is still used by modern screw pumps.

Rotary type

The advent of rotary pumps is associated with an increasingly diverse demand for liquid delivery in the industry. As early as 1588, there were records about the four-blade vane pump, and various other rotary pumps appeared in the future. However, until the 19th century, the rotary pump still had the disadvantages of large leakage, large wear and low efficiency.

Centrifugal type

The idea of using centrifugal force to deliver water first appeared in the sketches by Leonardo Da Vinci. In 1689, the French physicist Papan invented the volute centrifugal pump of the four-bladed impeller. But closer to modern centrifugal pumps, it is the so-called Massachusetts pump with radial straight blades, semi-open double suction impellers and volutes that appeared in the United States in 1818. From 1851 to 1875, multi-stage centrifugal pumps with vanes were successively invented, making it possible to develop high-lift centrifugal pumps.