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Pump efficiency improvement method
- Nov 20, 2018 -

During the operation of the pump, the water flowing in the pump is affected by the friction with the surface of the runner and the pump impeller and the viscosity of the water itself. The energy consumed by the pump is mainly used to resist the flow friction and eddy current resistance of the water surface. The energy (head loss) that water consumes during the flow is used to overcome the friction between the internal friction and the interface between the water and the equipment. If the surface of the pump and impeller is smooth (this surface is called a hydraulic smooth surface), the surface resistance is small and the energy consumption is small. The polymer material is sprayed on the flow surface of the pump and the impeller to form a hydraulic smooth surface. The surface smoothness of the ultra-smooth surface coating is 20 times that of the polished stainless steel. This extremely smooth surface reduces the fluid in the pump. Layer, thereby reducing the internal turbulence of the pump, reducing the volume loss and hydraulic loss in the pump, reducing the power consumption, reducing the loss of water flow resistance, thereby improving the hydraulic efficiency of the pump, and at the same time improving the mechanical efficiency to a certain extent. And volumetric efficiency. The compactness of the molecular structure of the coating can isolate the contact between air, water and other media and the pump impeller base material, minimizing electrochemical corrosion and corrosion. In addition, the polymer composite material is a high molecular polymer, which is chemically resistant, can improve the corrosion resistance of the pump, and can greatly enhance the pump's resistance to erosion and corrosion. Due to its good wear resistance and impact resistance, it can provide excellent anti-wear and cushioning effects when the fine solid particle medium contacts and impacts with the pump.

It is recommended that industrial enterprises apply this composite coating to cope with and extend the life cycle of the pump, to achieve long-term effective pump efficiency, and to avoid the effects of production, cost, labor and other factors caused by frequent replacement. The energy saving and consumption reduction of the pump should be continuously explored under the combination of theory and practice, and boldly cite new technologies to find more reasonable and economical energy-saving measures. The polymer composite material is simple and convenient to operate, and has low requirements on the construction environment, and can be widely applied. These materials are more smooth than polished stainless steel surfaces and have hydrophobic, water-resistant algae adhesion. After the completion, the surface of the device is formed into a smooth surface, thereby improving the operating efficiency of the water pump, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. At the same time, it can also protect the inner surface of the pump from corrosion and has the dual functions of energy saving and anti-corrosion. The use, maintenance and maintenance of the pump will play a key role in saving energy and reducing economic benefits.