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Pump development trend
- Nov 20, 2018 -

The pump is one of the indispensable important equipments of the enterprise. Due to the working conditions, corrosion, cavitation, erosion, wear and the like often occur, resulting in equipment failure. Enterprises can only invest a large amount of money to purchase new pumps, and the large amount of parts reported, resulting in a lot of waste of funds. The design and manufacture of domestic pumps basically follow the "metal" idea, that is, stainless steel and carbon steel materials are used as the main pump materials. In the face of high corrosion and strong erosion, high nickel alloys are needed, even titanium. Zirconium, niobium and other excellent corrosion-resistant materials, these rare metal materials are expensive and expensive, and the manufacturing cost is high and the manufacturing process is complicated. The price of such pumps is expensive, generally ranging from tens of thousands to millions. This has resulted in high procurement costs for such pumps. Along with the development of international advanced pump research and the application of new material pump bodies, domestic scientific research institutions have drawn on the development ideas of pump research in western developed countries, and a few domestic enterprises have begun to develop inorganic non-metallic materials such as ceramics, glass reinforced plastics, graphite and carbon. Plain products and synthetic organic polymer materials such as plastic, fiberglass or carbon fiber reinforced engineering plastics. The development trend of these domestic pumps has catered to international trends and has achieved good results in China.

It is through the effective resolution of such details that the advantages of low production costs and strong competitiveness of European, American, Japanese and Korean companies have been realized. While domestic enterprises are constantly introducing advanced equipment and hiring managers with high salaries, they ignore the details of such daily equipment management. They only reduce costs by reducing workers' wages and reducing welfare benefits, resulting in low labor enthusiasm and management confusion. The situation is inevitable.

Obviously, the use of such materials greatly reduces the production cost, does not require the purchase of high-value metals, does not require special equipment and professional production, and the effect is good, the life is longer, the repair is simpler, and its huge advantage is not the traditional pump material. Can compare. The application of new materials for the pump body greatly reduces the cost of the pump body material and maintenance and repair costs.