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Conveyor belt
- Nov 20, 2018 -

Product structure: This product is made of multi-layer hanging cotton canvas as the skeleton, and the surface is covered with good rubber material and vulcanized.

Conveyor belt series products include ordinary cotton canvas conveyor belt and nylon (NN) conveyor belt (divided into NN-100 type, NN-150 type, NN-200 type, NN-250 type, NN-300 type, NN-350 type, NN-400 type), polyester (EP) belt (divided into EP-100 type, EP-150 type, EP-200 type, EP-250 type, EP-300 type, EP-350 type, EP-400 type) , large dip angle (corrugated rib) conveyor belt, skirt partition conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt, pattern conveyor belt {Because of different materials and different inclination angles, the shape and height of the pattern are required to be different. Commonly used pattern conveyor belts such as: chevron pattern conveyor belt (herringbone conveyor belt including upper convex, lower concave herringbone conveyor belt), figure-shaped pattern conveyor belt, fishbone pattern conveyor belt, U-shaped pattern conveyor belt, cylindrical Pattern conveyor belt, pockmark conveyor belt, etc., or according to user requirements}, waterstop, PVC or PVG whole core flame retardant belt; and can provide a variety of special performance conveyor belt (general flame retardant conveyor belt, resistant Heat conveyor belt, anti-burning conveyor belt, high wear-resistant conveyor belt, acid-resistant conveyor belt, alkali-resistant conveyor belt, cold-resistant conveyor belt, oil-resistant conveyor belt, high-temperature conveyor belt, high-strength conveyor belt and food conveyor belt).